Current Projects

The Ventured Student: How does entrepreneurial education on campus impact students?

This is a three article dissertation:

  1. Maps out all of the university-sponsored incubators and accelerators in California and identifies key themes and differences among them.

  2. Shows three distinctly different ways that entrepreneurial identity is developed among new entrepreneurs.

  3. Explains how entrepreneurial education has the potential to both empower students as well as drive some of the most vulnerable into precarious work arrangements.

Enterprising Careers: How do universities help and hinder college-to-career transitions?

This is a forthcoming book, generously funded by the Kauffman Foundation and co-authored with Amy Binder (UCSD).

Published Articles

Career Funneling.pdf: Why do elite campuses funnel students into such a narrow range of industries?

Sociology of Education, 2016

Selling Students.pdf: Why are career centers charging companies to gain access to undergraduate talent?

Research in the Sociology of Organizations, special volume entitled “The University Under Pressure”, 2016